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Endava Tech Flow


Tech Flow is an Endava branded event led by the presentations of the thought leaders in their fields that aims to bring together IT professionals and experts to challenge traditional approaches, discuss and develop a broader perspective on the latest technology trends.
Tech Flow | Chisinau | 2019

Tech Flow | Chisinau | May 30, 2019

Demystifying DevOps

Tech Flow | Bucharest | 2019

Tech Flow | Bucharest | May 22, 2019

Applied Machine Learning

Tech Flow | Iași | 2019

Tech Flow | Iași | March 16, 2019

Engineering for Impact

Tech Flow | Pitești | 2019

Tech Flow | Pitești | April 11, 2019

Engineering Tomorrow


Tech Flow

Targu Mures | 2019


Tech Flow

Iași | 2018


Tech Flow

Pitești | 2018

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